‘The ambition of Health Week 2023 is to offer something for every member of the LINC community; whether it’s calming your mind and body, getting that body moving, socialising, connecting more with your sexual health or emotional well-being, or simply getting that overall check-up with our on-site nurses, there’s something for everyone!

We have online and in-person options and we’re delighted to announce that Health Week marks the return of swimming, soccer, and yoga!

The culmination of our week lands with a Beours-LINC collaboration in the form of ‘Sexy Beours’ – a one-night-only sexual health event that not only promotes well-being and safe sex but also brings us all together for a night of socialising and entertainment! We’ll have a special guest appearance from one Foxy P. Cox on the night with treats, games, and great fun on the agenda.’