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Invisible Women is a new short film (25mins) Joseph Ingham made alongside director Alice Smith. Featuring two extraordinary Irish women: Angela Cooper from Dublin and Luchia Fitzgerald from Cork who have spent the last half a century fighting for their rights as women and as lesbians. The film uses their relationship to explore Manchester and in particular, the forgotten and, up until now, untold story of the North West’s (UK) LGBTQ past through a working class lens of rebellion and activism which is still alive today.

They were both born to unmarried mothers in post war Ireland. Angela’s mum got on the ferry to give birth in Manchester whereas Luchia Luschia was born in The Magdalene Home in Blackrock Cork, and remained there until she was 4 years old. They then survived homelessness and conversion therapy and their paths crossed one night. This meeting of minds led to the start of the first Gay Liberation Front outside of London, the first women’s centre in the north of England – home to many Irish women over the years – as well as mounting the fight against Section 28 in 1988. Theirs is a genuinely revelatory story filled with hope, optimism and triumph.

Luchia and Angela will be in attendance and the film will be followed by discussion and Q & A.
Wednesday 13th November 7.30pm in LINC
Open to All.